discover-mix is a tool that creates big Spotify playlists based on the algorithmic genre playlists created by Every Noise at Once. By choosing a few genres you are interested in, you can create a huge playlist for shuffling, so you'll always have something new to listen to.

How it works

  1. You click 'Login with Spotify' and click 'allow' - this gives us permission to scan your top artists, and to create a new playlist using your account
  2. You explore your top genres, and similar genres, and add the ones you're interested in
  3. You choose which type of playlist ('Sound', 'Pulse', ♀Filter, 'Edge', or '2022') you want included in your mega playlist.
  4. You name your playlist and click create. The tool will create a new playlist that includes all the tracks from the relevant algorithmic playlists. It will create the playlist in your Spotify account, ready for you to shuffle.

Ready to get started?

Click 'Login with Spotify' below to get started.

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What is Every Noise at Once?

Every Noise at Once is a project started by Glenn McDonald who works at Spotify. The playlist uses algorithms to categorise music on Spotify into micro-genres. It tracks what fans of genres and listening to, and plots genres on a map, so we can see how similar certain genres are.

For each genre, the project also automatically generates a few Spotify playlists. For example, the genre 'indie rock' has the following playlists:

These playlists are updated all the time, so they are a great source of new music.

This tool, discover-mix, aims to make it easier to create playlists that incorporate these algorithmic playlists.

It uses data from the Every Noise at Once website to get the Spotify playlist links, and to explore similar genres when you are looking at your top genres.

The Every Noise at Once website is an amazing resource for music fans - it demonstrates the sheer magnitude of music available on Spotify, but also makes it possible to find music that is suited to your taste.